Advertising Analysis : Advertising And Advertising

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Increasingly sexualised advertisements in media
For thousands of years humans have used advertisements as a means to promote a product. For example, it has been found that Eygptians used Papyrus to make sale messages and posters in order to do promote sales. Since that time advertising has come a long way, with the introduction of advertising slogans and jingles cleverly designed to play on human pyschology and thereby maximise product sales. Within the last 150 years, forms of media that have been recently invented have become the most popular ways of advertising - such as radio, television and newspapers/magazines/billboards. These forms of media have been a gateway to allow subtle advanced advertising techniques to be used, although one of the most obvious techniques used bty marketers is the adage “sex sells”, a technique widely enabled via the media. This advertising technique is used freqently within the media and often displays explicit, sensual, erotic men or women, purposefully utilized to arouse interest in marketers products, some common brands that use sex to sell their products include but are not limited to; Lynx, Bendon, Carl’s Junoir USA, Moccona coffee, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani. This technique has been around since the beggining of advertising, however, it is something that has become increasingly blatant over time. Intially it started with simple things such as (often drawn) women showing a tiny bit of skin 70 years ago to now overtly sensual real…
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