Advertising Analysis: Nespresso

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Advertising analysis: Nespresso

1 Introduction

Television transmits popular messages at the same time visual and auditory. She is of use in other one of the support for the advertising speech, which is one of the production authorities which we find in media and will make the object of our study in this account. We will dedicate our analysis on one of the television advertising of the business company Nespresso. This advertising registers in a campaign in various media support: television, press and cinema.
Our problems will turn around the strategy which the Nespresso business company shows across its campaign, to know: how advertising, by creating a picture for a mark, and by broadcasting it, can create a need at the consumer.
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With as objectives, the presentation of a product or the increase of its notability, the promotion of its picture, the purchase of the product and the fidélisation of the consumer. However, advertising Nespresso does not answer its criteria completely, because she does not offer exactly a specific product, but rather a concept and values of the firm.
It is therefore possible to register him in another type which is that of the storymercial. It is a campaign style rather "upmarket" that has as objective to transport the values of mark by putting sale in the background. Indeed, Nespresso has as objective to construct an international mark and a mark wind the concept of the machine Nespresso rather than of the coffee properly speaking. I name: «We want that the form of our capsule and that« N »of our logo are worldwide admitted. »purpose of Gerhard Berssenbrügge, CEO of Nespresso.

3.3 target Public

Nespresso aims at the members of the "club " Nespresso, at the prospective buyers and at the new clients. We assume that it is principally about easy people with the means to present himself of some "upmarket" coffee. The average of age is between 30 and 50 years, because Nespresso aims at a public part of woking life and therefore wage earner. With as icon of mark, George Clooney, Nespresso centres the target on the women of the average of age which we named before. Although there remains an icon also for
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