Advertising Analysis Of LOr�al Advertising

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L'Oréal Paris has used a numerous amount of codes and conventions to meet their ideal target audience according to their brand. This can be shown in an mascara add. It used numerous techniques such as images, layout use and AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). This was used to make their brand that's being advertised wanted, desired and to look appealing. They have carefully analysed and used these techniques to convince their audience young girls, adults that this is a promising product that lives up to its standards.

First Was imagery used in this advertisement such as having Eva Longoria a well known famous actor and model, sell their brand by modelling to become somewhat a face of their brand in hopes to appeal more and to make the audience feel like since she has it, says it great I should go buy it myself. Visual layout is used in this advertisement by having Eva Longoria on the left side with her eyes looking up to the right which then draws our attention to the right the advertisement information which is in gold in front of a black background. The colour usage is black and gold this makes the gold stand out over the black making this advertisement more eye catching.

Secondly through this advertisement was layout use by again having Eva Longoria on the left seeming as to look at the advertisement information on the right of the photo. They have also used adjectives to describe the use of this mascara such as the use of the word ‘Become a Lash

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