Advertising Analysis : Promotion And Advertising

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Promotion and Advertising
The Text-Clip can be categorized as an unsought good, in that is not a necessary component to laptops or computers. Therefore it is essential that we are able to effectively communicate the capabilities of this product and how it could be of great use for our desired target market. The Text-Clip is an unsought good, which suggests it is a low involvement product that does not have a substantial effect on the lifestyle of the prospective consumer. Therefore the best way of gaining resonance from the consumer is by presenting to them how the product can actually benefit them. It is essential that we utilize an aggressive and persistent promotion and advertising approach to decrease the risk of consumers purchasing the Text-Clip. Thus, because of the uniqueness of the Text-Clip, and the fact that it is a product that consumers are not aware of, we must engage in an advertising strategy that creates a need, consumers never realized they had before. This can be achieved through the utilization of either a pull or push strategy. In order to gain a wider consumer base, we will utilize a hybrid promotional strategy where both pull and push strategies will be used. A pull strategy will allow us to grasp the attention and interest of our target market through the use of advertisements, while a push strategy will serve to create demand by allowing consumers to experience the product. The strategies and their components are elaborated below.

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