Advertising And Its Effect On Advertising

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When comparing advertisements, certain ones will appeal to people differently. Advertisements are made to get someone’s attention in a quick manor. Some people are more enticed to humor, while others could be drawn to a more sexual image, or something more creative that requires intelligence to create and understand. First, by taking a sip of the Pepsi advertisement, I noticed the horizontal advertisement has a gentle light blue background. The Pepsi logo sits in the corner, not drawing much attention to itself. In the center of this ad is a Pepsi can. Next to the Pepsi can is a red can with a silver curved thick line going up the side from the bottom of the can to the top, resembling a Coke can. The difference between these two cans is that a straw going straight into the Pepsi can, while there is a straw with arms pushing itself away from the Coke can. The background has a slight gradation to a lighter, almost white color behind the Pepsi can. This makes the Pepsi can look as if it has a glow. It demands the attention to be drawn to that can. This advertisement is trying to say that Pepsi is better than Coke, without actually saying it. A broader look at it could be that it’s saying that Pepsi is better than the leading pop. The audience of this advertisement is not only people who drink pop, but also people who are exposed to the media, and see it on television or in magazines. This advertisement probably gets the attention of people who enjoy humorous advertisements
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