Advertising And Its Effect On Advertising

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Advertising has become an important thing in our everyday life. Almost all the companies make advertisements these days. Usually companies when launching a new product gives advertisement about their products may be in on television or newspaper. This kind of advertising attracts audiences who are likely to buy the product. For example, the advertisement of cola attracts a large part of audience and they are influenced by watching their favorite stars drinking a cola on television that motivates them to buy the product. It is advertising that makes the audience buy a product. Hence advertising is a major part of selling and there must be some significant strategies to influence the audience. A good advertising is that that tells the audience about the properties of the product, has a strategy that attracts the audience to the product and it must have the most influential effect of advertising that is just to make a good feeling about the product.
Above all an advertisement must have a strategy that tells the audience about the properties of a product. It makes the audience convince that the properties will help them to choose the product they want to buy. In the opinion of Markman “A particular detergent might advertise that it gets stains out better than competitors, that it smells good, and that it leaves clothes feeling fresh. We believe that these properties are ones that will help us to choose the detergent we want to buy” (Markamn). Hence the ad gives a
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