Advertising And Its Effect On Our Lives

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Every day at some point in our lives we are surrounded by advertisements. Even if we don 't watch television, listen to a radio or walk around with our eyes closed, we will find it impossible to avoid some form of social media, whether it might be the latest offer at the local Walmart or previews at the movie theater. The main purpose of advertising is to sell products, but the advertisement not only sells an individual the product, but also a future image of us as more desirable and happier. The purpose of this essay I will analyze three advertisements and observe how those products are advertised and what identity they attempt to construct for their consumers. The three ads I will be analyzing will be a commercial related to the Extra gum, a commercial for anti-smoking and a magazine advertisement related to the popular food chain McDonalds. Most people don’t want to think that advertisements have a huge impact on our lives and who we are as individual beings. The first product I will talk about is the Extra gum which is a highly recognized brand. The commercial I chose to represent this brand is the one with a father and his daughter. It begins with flashes of father and daughter moments. As they spend their time laughing together and creating moments, an Extra gum is chewed and the wrapper is folded into an origami. In each passing days of the child’s growth, there was always an Extra gum. The ending clip we see the daughter packing off to college and then a box drops,
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