Advertising And Its Effects On Society

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Medoff and Kaye, described newspaper ads, televisions commercials, billboards, coffee mugs imprinted with a logo, and flyers left on windshields as a form of advertising (2011, p.130). According to Medoff and Kaye, advertising serves an educational, social and economic purpose (2011, p.137). Although advertising appears beneficial in many features, it too has its drawbacks and can be similarly unfavorable. Advertising will perhaps become increasingly ubiquitous, increasingly influential, and increasingly controversial (Advertising, 2011, p.152). Advertising is highly criticized, not so much for its very nature but because of its content, its negative influences on society, and the types of products it promotes (2011, p. 152). Critics of advertising scream for relief from the over commercialized world that it creates explained Medoff and Kaye (2011, p.152). This chapter revealed arguments made by critics concerning advertising. For one, critics suggest that advertising encourages greed or materialism (Advertising, 2011, p.153). Moreover, Medoff and Kaye explain how critics claim that people purchase things they really do not need, but merely for the sake of acquiring goods (2011, p. 153). This I have observed through some of my friends and family members. Often they remain in competition to see who could be the first to get the next newest smart phone or the bigger flat screen television. While there is nothing wrong with the current smart phone or flat screen television,
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