Advertising And Its Impact On Society

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According to Lipsyte (1977:59), “sport is the single most influential currency of mass communication in the world ... sport cuts right through the differences of age, education, language, gender, and social and economic status, all those differences that tend to divide us“. Yet when it comes to advertising these differences are not put aside, especially in terms of gender and race. According to Schroeder & Borgerson (1998), advertising is quite significant when influencing, building and illustrating consumers vision of the good life, which includes sexual attraction. Domzal & Kernan (1993), added that, advertising images represent an essential part of the experienced visual world. Reality and advertising are not separated and affecting one another, but instead advertising and the mass media contribute to the visual scene that shapes reality. Advertising shapes identity, especially gender identity. In other words, the way women are portrayed in advertisements should represent their images and identities in the real world. A study by Knoll, Eisland, & Steinhagan (2011: 878-879) established that compared to men, women were seven times more likely to be stereotyped. This is due to the fact that men’s roles haven’t changed as much in society and at work place, thus they are not as regularly stereotyped. Moreover they added that in adverts, usually, women are younger than men and likely to be under 35
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