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Websites are best environmental friendly when it comes to advertising and marketing. There are lots ways to advertise the products through the internet. Facebook is one of the best example of expand the Business. Websites will be more convenient for your customers and lead. Websites can build better relationships with your customers. A websites also gives an opportunity to improve your skills and credibility.
Now every company will trying to making the unique and attractive websites. IT Professionals are getting good amount for making these websites. Similarly, Twinkle stars also needs to build up your
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Which doesn’t present a professional look.
• In the ASB website, there are fewer content just showing three things on a first look and a search box. Moreover, the loading of pages are taking long time as compared other two websites. There are lots of reading content is displayed on the other linked next pages.
• We had to scroll lot in the spark website. Conclusion After study these websites in conclusion. I would like to suggest Twinkle stars to focus on simple and beautiful/ attractive visual contents with bright colours rather than only displaying the texts and more on visualization texts. We should nor did more put so many images neither no more videos marketing purpose. Twinkle stars should add some unique styles on their websites which can attracts the customers towards their websites. Now days, everyone has busy in our life they don’t have a time go to the shop then buy the products. Mostly peoples are comfortable to paying online and getting delivered the products at their place so they should have E-commerce platform on the website. It should be safe for peoples they don’t receive any ads blocks or hazard message during visiting the website. Company should purpose some special deals on their website so that it can become people first choice for buying such products.
After the discussion, I will recommend website
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