Advertising And Media Affect The Image Of Women In The Media

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Throughout the media and advertising, they fetishize women as an object rather than a person. In the first essay, Kilbourne points out an epidemic that still occurs today when Kilbourne states, “Sex in advertising is pornographic because it dehumanizes and objectifies people, especially women, and because it fetishizes products [...] meet our emotional needs” (489). This quote unfolds the truth on how advertising and media portray women as sex symbols. Both the media and advertising have women portrayed in a sexual way, which affect the image of women drastically. In advertising specifically, Solnit points out a problem that occurs in the gaming community quite often when Solnit states, “Women in the online gaming community have been harassed, threatened, and driven out” (528). This quote shows how women in today's society cannot even speak out on a problem of a game design without getting death threats. In those games nowadays, woman characters are simply stretched to the extremes of over sexualizing the women characters. An example of a specific game that has women portrayed in an immensely sexual way is in the Mortal Kombat series. In the game, either the women are portrayed as sex symbols while on the other hand, the male characters would be completely displayed normal or they are displayed as a mutant monster. The women who try to speak about the advertised images of women in such video games results in the women receiving massive hate, which includes death threats. In
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