Advertising And Social Culture And Capitalist Economy

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“The proper study of mankind is man, but the proper study of markets is women” (The Advertising Periodical Inc. Magazine, 1929) Consumer Culture is at the root of all social, political and economic development of western cultures for the past three hundred years. Advertisements become a key role in creating ideological messages and meanings. In a consumer culture and capitalist economy, advertisement becomes a tool used by corporations to influence the minds of the buyer. When a company produces an ad or commercial, their main objective is to get the viewers’ attention in order to sell the product. Many different methods are used to lure an audience in; tactics may include print or commercial ads, to either inform or to target individuals into consuming goods. There have been constant debates surrounding females in advertisements and the ways in which women are defined through their constructed identities. Society plays a heavy hand in constructing individuals gender roles, and in turn many of our identities. Women during the 1950s and onwards have been a byproduct in advertising campaigns, their roles were limited and became repetitive overtime. A women’s identity was constructed towards the ability to maintain a household, women were only ever viewed as housewives, through the multiple advertisements that conveyed images of what it meant to be a ‘well rounded’ caregiver, it became the only thing that was ever taught to them. Shirley Chisholm is recognized for her famously

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