Advertising And The Advertising Industry

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Like many college graduates, I walked away with a diploma in hand and a firm belief that I would succeed in the advertising industry that I had spent fours years preparing for. While professors armed me with the notion that advertising was a dog-eat-dog field, I naïvely believed that it couldn’t be that bad. I thought that the opportunity to work with so many different personalities, at varying levels of experience would be one of the greatest occurrences. This wasn’t always the case. Working with some of these individuals was enlightening, fun, and euphoric experience for which I will also be grateful. However, more often than not it was, challenging, futile, mind numbing, and downright frustrating. The most significant frustration was the inability to negotiate with upper management to best serve the moral of the team, and provide the best service to the client. In advertising, the hierarchy is not solely based on someone’s job title but also the number of years that someone has been “in the game”. Advertising is still in many cases run by individuals (mostly gentlemen) who have started agencies back in the day when advertising first became legitimized and commercialized. With this said, these “Mad-Men” are very much stuck in there ways both externally with how they view advertising as a whole, but also internally with company culture. The common dominator I have found amongst these individuals is their deep appreciation for negotiation. They like the volleying of
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