Advertising And The Emotional Response Of Advertising

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One very prevalent demographic that advertisers appeal to are parents. People are able to relate with these family oriented ads more than any other type of advertisement out there. From cars, to toys, to baby products, and more, many consumer items are something that parents will need to buy. With parents being one of the largest possible groups of consumers in our world today, its no wonder these companies are targeting them. I looked at and analyzed 4 different commercials from 3 different companies; Lego, Huggies, And Coca Cola. All of them were specifically tailored to parents. I found there to be an incredible amount of similarities almost as if they were following a specific formula. In addition there were also some differences in …show more content…
Creating a very sentimental and well-written dialogue is equally important, if not more than how the footage is presented. The other main similarity that you will notice, is the insightful and thought provoking speech and sentiment that is portrayed, as well as the music used in the commercials. In every single ad either the child or the parent was supposedly narrating the entire clip. The goal was to create very meaningful dialogue to go along with the equally meaningful scene. This is another way that the advertisers can tap into the consumers brain and evoke a powerful emotional response that creates a lasting memory. The main thing that was highlighted in the dialogue was the special bond that occurs between mother and child, as well as father and child. While both dads and moms are shown, they are mostly geared to be viewed by women it is assumed because women are naturally more in tune with their emotion and often are more dedicated to being a parent than men are. The music featured adds another dimension to the effect of the clip. If you were to take away the music, you 'd find that each ad is no where near as powerful as it is with it. There are slight differences in the music choice from company to company, the theme of light and inspiring sounds stays the same. After looking even deeper into each advertisement, you will start to see some differences pop up.
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