Advertising And The Fast Food Industry

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Advertising to children has ethical implications associated with the imprint that is

Installed upon a child’s impressionable and still developing psychology. However, this

Ethical consideration is often not present in many business standards or decisions. For example,

within our society, the fast food industry has become synonymous with the high obesity rate of

Americans and it can be argued that within this implication, the fast food industry had implored

An unethical marketing strategy that is specifically designed to target children. The strategy

it utilizes tantalizing enticements by providing toys related to current pop-culture themes

With each kid’s meals. A longing for the toy in turn lures children to obesity with the favorite toy acting as a vehicle

To stimulate that result. Furthermore, children have an unlimited amount of access to a

a plethora of social outlets, each outlet bombarded by social media and advertisements that

Solicit these concepts without ethical remorse and as results, negligence of the direct link

between childhood obesity and the fast food marketing strategy is overlooked, Kids are

inundated with advertising in a way never before. (Marketing) entices children, not because of

the food but because of the toys and the message of happiness that is part of their advertising

(Marketing to Children).

In contrast to the unethical market strategy of the fast food industry’s decision to sell to children, it is within this same
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