Advertising And The Global Epidemic Of False Advertising

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Television, magazines, phones, and Internet all contribute to the global epidemic of false advertising. Millions of Americans have a television or the most current news in there home, which contributes to society always wanting to be someone their not. On the contrary it is a great way to spread important news but consequently ads are showing the reality of how to promote stereotypes or have products we don’t need. As a consumer we get bombarded with ads for different services or products that just want to gain our dollar. The problem about the broadcast of advertisements is how it’s distributed. It transmits through audio and video signals and targets the masses of society. It’s literally everywhere and anyone from a toddler using an iPad to a 95 year old listening to the radio is affected. Advertising has provided a harmful impact to society through its use of manipulation, false accusations, and influencing the next generation. Advertising is a big part of our culture today; it seeks the exposed and tries to lure our attention. Whether it 's a new the iPhone on the market or promoting a new way to loose weight, we constantly get barraged with conscious and subconscious types of advertisement. The conscious form uses information where you can read and understand whereas the subconscious uses techniques that were not clearly aware of. An example of subconscious advertising is the sounds of a grill or the sound of ice in a bubbling soda. It uses our senses to draw us in to
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