Advertising Appeals Aim For The Audience

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Different strategies are used in all advertisements. Every aspect of the advertisement is strategically planned to appeal to the audience. For example, an advertisement that does a great job of using sex appeal to reach its audience is “Carl’s Jr all natural burger”. This ad appeared during the super bowl forty-nine, and it was a big hit. The ad features ,22-year-old model buxom, Charlotte McKinney. Throughout the video it shows her walking through the town and appearing as if she is nude. She gets all the attention from the guys in the town as she saunters past. in one scene there’s a man reaching for a tomato as she walks by, she turns around and gives him a flirty look and it emerges as if he is grasping her gluteus. At the end she appears in a bikini nearly nude “I love going all natural,” she purrs, opening wide to take a bite out of a big, juicy, “all natural” hamburger. Advertising appeals aim to influence the way consumers view themselves and how buying certain products can prove to be beneficial for them. The message conveyed through the advertising appeals influences the purchasing decisions of consumers. In this case, the advertisement was aired by Carl’s Jr fast food restaurant to advertise their new “all natural burger”. It was aired during the Super bowl because majority of the audience, men and woman, are watching the game. And it makes it easy for them to put their product out because most people that watch the Super bowl just watch the commercials. Sex
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