Advertising By Sue Jozui Summary

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The world of advertising and business has relied on the power of celebrity presences since the birth of media. Sue Jozui in her excerpt argues that celebrity endorsements should be boycotted and advertising should be regulated with rules and guideline. The author supports her Argument by first using derogatory terms such as “insulting the intelligence of the audience” and words like “misleading” and “pretend”, are both negative. She continues by listing celebrity endorsed products. The authors purpose is to convince the reader that advertisers are money hungry businessmen who only wish to scam consumers. The author expresses a critical tone for the consumers of these products. Jozui's argument is weak because companies have the right to advertise…show more content…
“This kind of marketing is misleading and insults the intelligence of the audience”. Jozui thinks using celebrities is wrong and advertisers are tricking the consumer by using famous faces. There is no set rule about advertising, their job is to sell you a product and they're allowed to do it in any way they can. It's the customers responsibility to decide for themselves whether they'd buy it or not, the celebrity is just there for the glamor effect. Back in the 1950s and 1960s advertising was one of the biggest businesses in the world. Multiple agents would hire big names like Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Lucille Ball, and Jerry Lewis to promote anything from cigarettes to laundry soap. No one had an issue with this endorsement and there's no difference between that advertising and the advertising we do now. Even without the celebrities advertisers would hire an attractive actor to portray the “everyday Joe, just like you and me” so the customer would say “if he/she uses it so should I”. That form of advertising is more offensive than celebrity endorsing. If advertisers stopped using celebrities, they would still be able to hire people to lie about products in order for you to buy it. There is no need to ban celebrity endorsements when the customer can just trust their own opinion about a
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