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Advertising Cosmetics in The Modern World While working at John Bull during the Christmas break I learned a lot about what women bought. Surprisingly, it was never the fancy bags or watches nor the extravagant perfumes but the makeup items were very popular. I guessed that there must have been a correlation between the many cosmetic company’s ads that were displayed on the walls outside the building and the sale of the products. The ads made various women feel as if these products will make them prettier, more attractive and young looking; it catered to their insecurities and encouraged many to patronize the business. Cosmetic ads flourish through our society and are known as great business promoters because they are…show more content…
Unlike the previously mentioned ads, the Maxi ad features a model rather than a famous entertainer. However she too, fit the mold of society’s beauty; this is evident by her slim physique, long finger nails, red rosy cheeks, blue eyes, long hair and a bright complexion. She is photographed applying the mascara onto her eyelashes with a bold intense look on her face. This mascara advertisement, once closely analyzed, implies that facial parts as insignificant as eyelashes, eye colour and cheeks are all vital in determining how beautiful a person is; this further suggests that in order for you to be beautiful you need to purchase these products. It can be noted that these advertisements uses many stereotypes that put woman down to sell the statement, “this product makes you look better”. While the underlying message plays an important role in advertisement, the major aspect is what catches the reader’s attention. Magazine endorsements are filled with catchy lines and phrases to grab a reader’s attention. First glance at the Revlon publication, the head shot of Emma Stone is the immediate point of attraction; your eyes then glide to the right corner where the bottles of makeup foundation sit. The designers of the ad realize that a famous person would attract a potential customer must faster than a common folk. The use of bright, warm colors and giving the image a foreground, background and general space are also inviting to the

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