Advertising Critique Of Ralph Lauren Advertising

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Ralph Lauren Advertising Critique Advertisements, marketing, and other promotional efforts can make or break a brand, and what they stand for. ‘Ralph Lauren’ has always embraced new ways of marketing, and advertising, yet never compromises their core brand identity. Although their advertising varies throughout time, overall this advertisement, and others are effective and consistent with brand image. Simplicity, elegance, and clear intent is what makes this ‘Ralph Lauren’ advertisement effective and efficient. Description Five pages into the December 2017 issue of Vogue a bold ‘Ralph Lauren’ advertisement is found. The advertisement featured is four pages in total, or two double truck ads back to back. The first two page spread a red hand bag appears on the right, and on the left page a quote is present. Under the quote ‘Ralph Lauren’ is typed out, and their website address is also found. The quote featured reads “For me, luxury is a sensibility, and approach to life. It’s personal style, quality and timeless elegance.” The quote in a sense explains the intent of the advertisement, as well as Ralph Lauren’s brand image. On the second double truck ad in in the spread, a simple red pump is found on the right, and on the left the brand name ‘Ralph Lauren’ appears like how it did on the first two pages. The most interesting, and intriguing aspect of the advertisement is the simplicity of the design, as well as the bold pop of color. Elements and Principles of design Color

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