Advertising Critique Essay

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Advertising Critique:
LibraTech’s eLluminate – The NEW Standard for eReaders

MKTG575: Advertising Management
DeVry University, Keller Graduate School
February 4, 2013

Introduction What makes a good product? This is a question that many companies find themselves asking as they begin market research to uncover new products for their current and potential customers. Is it the quality? The product’s functionality and ease of use? Maybe it is the features and all of the bells and whistles that distinguish a product from its competitors. Perhaps, consumers are keenly focused on unbeatable prices when looking for new products. When companies ask, ‘what makes a good product?’ the answer is simple; a good
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These companies are dominating the e-reader scene, [by providing] quality, great features, and reasonable prices” (Hill, 2012). LibraTech will deliver the same product solution, however the company must work hard and be vigilant in converting customers over to the new LibraTech technology. This advertising critique will provide a solid approach to tackling the challenges that LibraTech will face as they introduce their new eReader to the market. It will outline recommendations for a product name, strategies to target potential customers and a high-level recommendation for an advertising plan that will surely help to put LibraTech’s new eReader on the map as a powerhouse in the eReader industry.

Product Naming Strategy At its core, LibraTech is a company with a brand name that is strong and easily recognizable. What stands out the most for this brand is it powerful usage of the word ‘Libra’. In the zodiac world, Libra is one of the most powerful zodiac signs. The Libra represents a since of balance, harmony and it is one of the sun signs of the zodiac. Given such a powerful foundation, the name for LibraTech’s new eReader had to embody the essence of the Libra zodiac sign. The name had to strong, and it had to marry well with the parent name of the company. The name selected for this
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