Advertising Effectiveness Essay 2

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People no longer buy shoes to keep there feet warm and dry. They buy them because of the way the shoes make them feel masculine, feminine, rugged, different, sophisticated, young, glamorous, "in" buying shoes has become an emotional experience . Our business now is selling excitement rather than shoes. - Francis C. Rooney
Modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product it attractively and making it accessible to target customers. Companies must also communicate with their present and potential customers. Every company is inevitably cast into the role of communicator and promoter.
What is communicated, however should not be left to change. To communicate effectively;
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Advertising may persuade with information; it may persuade with emotion: more frequently, it endeavours to persuade with some mixture of both.
(1) Electronic Media
Advertisers use two types of media to reach target consumers over the airwaves; radio or T.V.
(A) Radio :
Advertisers using the medium of radio may also be classified as National or Local advertisers. The radio is a prominent vehicle of advertising in our country and accounts for a large sum of the total advertising budget.
The radio serves principally local rather than national or large regional markets. Many small advertisers use the radio. So do some large organizations.
When T.V. became a factor in the advertising scene, some industry observers felt that radio advertising might become insignificant or even disappear. This has not been so, for radio operators have responded to the challenge by offering programmes that features music etc. which appeal to local audience consumers have responded very favourably to this approach. Moreover TV does not have much coverage in our country.
(B) Television :
Late in India, a growing class of advertising media has been the TV. In our country, commercial advertising on TV is severely limited because broadcast timings are only in the evenings. The TV is a unique combination timing of sight and sound and achieves a deeper impact than the other media do. This is particularly advantageous for advertisers whose product require demonstration. TV advertising offers
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