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The Urban Cowboy Ever flip through a men's magazine such as Gentlemen's Quarterly or Maxim and wonder if their advertisements are the same as a women's fashion magazine? Do their ads focus on health, fashion and beauty as much as a women's magazine? The ads today relate to every type of man whether you are a family man, a playboy, gentlemen, an average Joe, a playful youth, a metro sexual or a man's man such as the cowboy. Many men have never been exposed to more than the basic clothing and grooming products. The trick is to let them know the new genre of products is beneficial to their image. This can be done through targeted informational ads in magazines, television ads during sports events, newsletters, magazine editorials, and…show more content…
By using powerful and masculine words they appeal to the average man. This ad implies that if the consumer uses this moisturizer he can impress women with his charm, and he can achieve this charm by using this Avon Face Moisturizer. By placing this importance on physical appearance, advertisers today have created the Urban Cowboy. "The American Cowboy as a cultural model was not supposed to care of or about appearances. He was what he was, hard-working, straightforward, and honest. He was authentic" (Barthel 179). When we think of a cowboy we think of a rugged strong masculine man. The Urban Cowboy is a male who is today's average male, who believes himself to be strong, masculine, straightforward and honest, but at the same time does care about his appearance in some way, whether its wearing designer clothes, shaving products or cologne a cosmetic product. The Stetson commercial which stars Matthew McConaughey as the ultimate cowboy who is at a cowboy ranch walking on his way to meet his beautiful girlfriend. This commercial portrays him as this natural man in his own natural habitat, and aggressive male with an aggressive attitude. This commercial uses all the basic advertisement modes masculine symbols, language and sex. By using the cowboy image they are portraying that ever present masculine male gender image. After the end of the commercial they have a tagline or what Barthel calls a homily. "A homily is a short sermon or discourse, or

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