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Running head: Husker memorabilia Unit 9 Angie Reynolds Kaplan University MT359: Advertising in the 21st Century Prof: Kevin Cojanu November 21, 2012 I selected Husker Memorabilia and my product or products; at any of the two husker hound stores here in Omaha Nebraska you will find any type of husker gear, memories, and items for your house, your vehicles, your pets, more less you name it you will find any husker gear you want and if you can’t find it then husker hound will find it and order it. Husker Hound started back in the spring in 1995, Scott and his girlfriend then wife now stared selling husker’s memorabilia out of the back of a minivan. We would go to county fairs and different locations around the Omaha area to…show more content…
Husker hound is not the only place in Omaha you can buy husker products in the mall there is The Red Zone, Steve Clark the owner of the Red Zone he had a vision of supplying Huskers fans with the friendly and fun experience that can be found on stadium drive in Lincoln, Nebraska. Over 15 years later, the Red Zone is now the premiere supplier of Husker fans, providing unique and exclusive gear that will truly make you stand out in a Sea of Red. You ask what the Red Zone is; well it’s the sweet spot on the football field. When your heart beats with excitement knowing the Huskers are ready to score! We strive to give our customers that same Game Day feeling as they shop our unique selection. Anytime you want a fan wants something another store don’t have well I go to the Red Zone, they have a lot of things different then husker hound. Steve has a store her in Omaha as well as right across the street from Memorial Stadium where there you can get any last minute items they may want for game day. When I or any fan wants the game day feeling I shop at the red zone. References Scott Strunc owner of Husker Hound / lifetime husker fan Steve Clark owner of the red

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