Essay Advertising Has Played a Major Role in Human Society

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Advertising has played a major role in human society, which often appears in every corner of the streets. Most of them have efficient effects on the progress of human reactions. Some are trying to convince consumers to buy the products. Some advertisements are existed with the purpose to persuade and educate viewers of particular knowledge. Further more, advertisers also utilize countless means to attract viewers’ attention, such as sexuality, celebrity, fantasy, and creativity. Comedy is also being used as a magnet to alert people of the advertisement. For example, an ad of the Indian Cancer Society has successfully applied the humor tone on male sexual organ as the consequence of smoking.
It is a simple picture which is constructed
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It is a great simile of comparing the cigarette to men, especially the private part of a male body, sexual organ. It is a sexual pun using a crumpled and crooked cigarette as a signifier. The image is signified with the connotative meaning of suppressing the position of men in this community. They would be more inferior if they found themselves castrated or unproductive.
This advertisement is successful in the way of using the image of a bended cigarette to direct the attention to males. Mostly men consume more cigarettes than women do. They are more likely the targets regard of the feeling of being confident and powerful that smoking could possibly offer. By using that image, viewers, especially male viewers, would be aware of the effect that smoking can cause. Nicotine is a substance that is found in tobacco plant. An average cigarette yields about 1 mg of absorbed nicotine, which has a great affect on the private part of the male. It leads to lack of blood flow in the pennies resulting in erectile dysfunction. Nicotine also results in low sperm count. On top of that, there are serious psychological issues following. Being unfunctional seems to be the "epitome of loss" and the "ultimate humiliation," Generally, with that condition; they would feel more embarrassed and nervous. Further more, they would have less confidence and self-esteem in socializing with the world outside, which would
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