Advertising Industry : An Powerful Aid For The American Consumer Culture

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The sole purpose of advertisements is to catch individual’s attention to a product, a service, or a good through the means of a public medium of communication in order to promote the sale of that service or good. The American advertising industry has long been an extremely powerful aid for the American consumer culture (Taylor). For an extended amount of time in American advertising agencies were only accustomed to doing their business and advertising in print. Yet, with the popularization of music and it’s abilities as well as technological advancements, advertising agencies soon had to get over this habit and expand their way of doing business. The advertising industry had been putting out advertisements since the player piano and phonograph appealing to people with a new idea of music. However, as previously stated, with the rise of radio and television the industry moved on to putting out music filled advertisements on the radio and on television commercials to sell goods and services. The American advertising industry played an enormous role in the mediation of commodities through music to consumers, it not only influenced the services and goods to become more appealing to individuals by utilizing music, but they also developed a strategy in which by using music they were able to learn how to target more specific audiences that the services and goods would be most useful to. Regardless of the positive influence the advertising industry had as a mediator between…
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