Advertising Industry : An Powerful Aid For The American Consumer Culture

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The sole purpose of advertisements is to catch individual’s attention to a product, a service, or a good through the means of a public medium of communication in order to promote the sale of that service or good. The American advertising industry has long been an extremely powerful aid for the American consumer culture (Taylor). For an extended amount of time in American advertising agencies were only accustomed to doing their business and advertising in print. Yet, with the popularization of music and it’s abilities as well as technological advancements, advertising agencies soon had to get over this habit and expand their way of doing business. The advertising industry had been putting out advertisements since the player piano and…show more content…
For example, some of their strategies and doings can be deemed as both unethical and invasive. From the very beginning, when the player piano and phonograph were introduced, and advertising agencies were still distributing their advertisements through print, they were utilizing new ideas of music as a way to intrigue people and persuade them to buy these products. They used the fact that society was not yet used to the idea of having music in their own home and not necessarily live, to their advantage. Their advertisements made sure to persuade people that these products were easy to use and portable, therefore everyone was able to have music in their home. As time went by and technology advancements became prevalent, advertising agencies had to adapt and keep up with the occurring changes. One of the first technological advancements that would allow for the advertising industry to act as a mediator and utilize music to push certain commodities to consumers was the radio. However, one of the biggest problems did include trying to get advertising agencies to advertise on the radio, so early radio advertisements were combined with print advertisements (Taylor). Once they did become accustom to the idea of advertising in sound, they faced another problem, a lack of knowledge regarding their audience’s demographics, therefore they were unsure of the type of music to play (Taylor). To solve this problem they
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