Advertising Influence Advertising

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Advertising is a powerful medium and people do get influenced by it. Advertising definitely has a profound influence on the kinds of products consumers buy. It can be uniquely tied to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in that advertising uses powerful anchors for their products that usually associate them with basic human needs: acceptance, love, security, self-esteem etc. Marketers utilize this method to activate a consumer’s motivation or determination for a particular product. For instance, if one has been needing a new car recently and sees an advertisement on a sales promotion for a new car, then one’s desire or ambition to fulfill that end goal will be achieved. Advertising creates brand awareness and that is where its true power lies. It influences the way consumers want to be by making consumers feel that they need a certain type of product to be beautiful or to be cool. Product’s often define one’s self-concept, which strongly influences consumer behavior. People choose many of their products because they think that such products are similar to their own personalities. Symbolic interactionism arguably tells us that each individual has many selves and each person requires a variety of products as props to play each role. People use cherished items, products, and more to define one’s self, which in turn, constitutes one’s extended self. Advertising influences one of products that her or she needs to become ones ideal self, something that seems so unattainable in the world
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