Advertising Influence Advertising

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Magazines are a popular item in the United States. They can be found in stores, offices, houses and more. They are very popular for advertising just like many more things. Television, news, radio, billboards and online are just a few of the forms of media companies use to advertise their products or services. The ads manipulate consumers in different ways which can be either positive or negative. The companies use their ads to influence the consumer to either buy or use their service.
One of the ways advertisements influence consumers is through visualization. Colors play a big role in drawing in consumers. “According to Danciu the primary colors like red, yellow and blue tend to emphasize simplicity as well as speed. The secondary colors are created by mixing two primary colors together. These include green, orange and purple. The tertiary colors can be created by mixing secondary and primary colors together. If they want manipulate the consumers, the advertisers are mixing the images and colors together in such ways that can persuade and direct the consumers to purchase the product by deceiving and misleading them.” Colors have emotions linked to them and what Danciu is saying is that companies can mix them to grab the consumer’s attention and persuade the consumer into purchasing their product. People often make judgements based on color, whether it is race or colors of the rainbow so this concept of mixing colors to persuade a consumer is not far-fetched. “According to
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