Advertising Influences And Growth Of Advertising

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Advertising influences and growth
An industry that is growing and becoming more common around the globe is the advertising industry. As this industry grows however there are insecurities and they are tracking people’s actions online and gaining an abundance of information on people. In-game advertisements appear on free games or applications that the user has on their phones and a valid solution to this problem is in-game rewards. The advertisement industry gets bigger each day and in-game advertisements are getting more adaptive to the user’s preferences. Many developers are making it their mission to give equal advantage to the user to earn some in-game rewards for watching their advertisement while they play their favorite game on
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This was greatly adapted in the 1950’s and has moved onwards, becoming more common in the present. Subliminal advertising largely started in movie theaters, where in cinemas they would strew messages saying “drink Coca-Cola (Sheehan, K. B. 2013).” The “drink Coca-Cola” was a phrase that would appear on the screen during the start of the movies and during the intermission and it would subconsciously impulse the viewer to buy Coca-Cola from the food court. Coming into the future this method is used in videogames where while playing you are met with company logos upon starting the game and thereafter shown products from other companies that are placed within the game. Some of the oldest advertisements that appear are from canned beverage companies and now newcomers such as car companies are coming into play, all the while polluting our screens with more subliminal advertising. The introduction of subliminal advertisements into video games has become the next step for many companies taking advantage of a person getting engulfed in the game screen in front of them. In relative concept, companies are taking advantage of the real estate that is your television or your computer and even your mobile phone to get you to buy their products.
Advertising is the best method for businesses to convey their products to the consumers because they make it look good through their eyes. The internet is being used to advertise also as
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