Advertising: Information or Manipulation

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Minamo Lenge
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Composition III | ENG2001 S03
Instructor: Kerry Jones.

Advertising: Information or Manipulation?

Advertising is the same word as marketing it has the same background. When talking about marketing we must think about services, consumers’ money and also goods. Normally advertising should be something that can be helpful for the society by telling them the real information about services as well as products they will decide what to purchase concerning their needs. Bovee define advertising as “the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in the nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media” (Bovee, 1992,p.7).
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Mostly manipulation works through senses, thoughts, behavior, attitudes, feelings, fears and desires. For instance, attraction may be pretty woman, desire to be a winner, to have social status, something completely pleasant, desirable on the unconscious level. But sometimes it may be something very strong, but at the same time shameful feeling such as a fear. These stimuli have an effect and influence purchase behavior of people. Advertisement manipulation has the following stages: first it is information, then admonition, next conditional reflex followed by the subconscious infusion. Final stage is that the consumer makes an automatic purchase after the process of infusion. Also manipulation may go through frequency of the advertisement which the people face every day. Let’s view some examples: the person comes to a supermarket and sees lots of goods on the shelves; let’s take one good, a shampoo. He/she doesn’t know the features of each given shampoo, but he/she needs to choose one among others. A person will make a decision on the developed in his/her mind infusion on one of the given products or he/she will choose the shampoo due to its constant advertising. Or simply when a person needs some service but doesn’t know where to get they will firstly go to the advertising product. Another example – children are very trustful and their persuasiveness is very high. They are not able to understand and figure out
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