Advertising Is A Key Factor

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Introduction to advertising
It is clear that advertising is not a new phenomenon, throughout its many forms advertising has not only been around for decades but for centuries. Advertising however as we know it can be seen to have been developed In the early 18th century, where by newspapers offered the ability to communicate entire pages of advertisements to the mass market. Advertising nevertheless is no doubt a powerful tool which adapts the way consumers perceive a product and if pulled off successfully can be the biggest factor of success.
Approaches to advertising
Simon Broadbent believes that there are 456 theories about what advertising is and how it works (Broadbent, 1992). However one of the most simple and effect definition of advertising is according to Roman is that advertisement is an idea for the business, it is process of creation to inspire people. Roman claims that advertising is a method of accepting key business ideas. Roman argues that advertising is a key factor in protecting business ideas; it is therefore the soul of modern business. (Roman. K 2003) Another simple classification of the term advertising can be seen through Kotler definition, Kotler describes advertising as “any form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor”. (Kotler 2008). Goddard identifies the benefits to advertising and explores, he expresses that advertising is not only there to promote products or services but is a key focal point in…

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