Advertising Is An Art Form

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Would You Care More If I Was Panda: read as Bluefin Tuna are facing extinction because they are ugly and delicious. Advertising an inescapable part of modern life. We see billboards as we drive, we hear jingles on the car radio. While watching tv we are treated to slick commercials, for which no expense was spared to create. Every newspaper and magazine we read is stuffed with carefully planned and edited promotions. Even our smartphones and internet browsers bombard us with personalized content, based on our usage history. Everywhere you look there is an ad vying for your attention, a company pleading for a share of your wallet. Advertising is an art form. A successful ad must be bold enough to be memorable and persuasive but not so bold as to be abrasive. I believe the “Would You Care More If I Was A Panda” ad commissioned by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) (, strikes a perfect balance. The campaign is in support of raising awareness and support for the shrinking numbers of Bluefin Tuna. This ad was created in March, 2011 By Ogilvy Advertising Agency in Paris, France. ( This is not a “typical” ad, in that it is not selling a physical product or consumer service. The WWF, the organization this ad belongs to, focuses on conservation of nature and animals. This ad instead acts as a public service announcement, looking to raise awareness for its cause and raise funds. It brings attention to the plight of the Bluefin Tuna, which has been
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