Advertising Key Components

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When creating promotional strategies you should think of its many facets. A promotional strategy cannot live on only a few components. It must live on most if not all, including advertising, sales promotion, publicity, personal selling, and direct marketing. Each of these factors plays a key role in positioning the seller into an area where consumers are more than willing to buy their products. Looking at these components and how they are used in certain situations will teach even more about the best ways for any company to thrive in its marketing area. In looking at the area in which to market – Shoe boutique – there are many observations and ways that promotional strategy (fitting a reasonable price range) can help elevate this company …show more content…
Corporations can only hope that they are portrayed in a good light. Way’s that companies usually create publicity is to hold events or have special promotions that will be spoken about on radio and television. In doing this any company can have publicity and be able to control it in some way shape or form because they are controlling the activity that has created the publicity. In light of the nature of publicity and how evasive it can be companies set up P.R.’s (Personal Representatives). These people speak to the press when they have questions for the company and are the face of the company when there is any problem. All in all the blessing/cursing relationship between companies and publicity is an area that all companies must deal with in a wise manner.
Direct marketing is a system of marketing in which companies build their own database of customers and use a variety of media to communicate with them directly such as through ads and catalogs. In other words this is called building on your own base. This is one of the best and most tested ways to keep loyal customers loyal and enthusiastic about the company they use. There are many amazing examples of direct marketing being used well portrayed well, including Old Spice, Samsung, and Wavebuilder. These companies use social media and their

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