Advertising: Make the Consumer Believe They Are Superior When They Buy That Product

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Advertisers persuade people into buying their products by making the advertisement appealing to the consumer. By relating alluring experiences that in most cases have nothing to do with the product at all. It is a psychological strategy that advertisers use to make the consumer believe that by buying the product they will be superior or they will get some kind of satisfaction out of it. Researchers have found a way to discover codes hidden in advertisements that make the unconscious mind want to buy the product. Advertisers relate the products to pleasurable experiences and they use emotional branding to make money. Researchers study the right language to sell a product or idea by trying to figure out a code to the unconscious mind of why…show more content…
Imagery is very important in selling products. It defines what people want and the words in the advertisement makes people see what advertisers want them to see and feel in order to sell their product. . Pictures give advertisements a sense of what the product means. A product can mean many things in an advertisement but the images show emotion towards things that people want.(Streeter) Images of desire are substituted for actual products on the advertisements advertisers goal is to transform desire into necessity. “Semiotics is a tradition of thought known for calling attention to the formal structures of signification, of meaning-making, in culture.”(Streeter) Advertisers use psychology to sell their products by associating products with pleasurable experiences, this is how consumers are persuaded into buying a product even though sometimes the pleasurable experience has nothing to do with the product being advertised. Advertisers want to know how the unconscious mind works when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy a product. They believe that the unconscious mind makes people buy things that they don’t need. Advertisers try to satisfy consumers’ needs throughout images and words to make them feel that they deserve to have that pleasurable experience that is being shown in the advertisement. Some ways that advertisers use psychology to sell their products is by making us think that we need the product but we buy a certain

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