Advertising Manipulates Our Choices

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A plethora of research was done recently on the manipulation of advertisements in today’s world. We see advertising almost every day, watching tv, on your mobile device, using the internet, even just walking around a city there is advertisment everywhere. They are not inherently bad, however they are manipulative in many ways. Many people today find it very difficult to accept the idea that ads are manipulative, because they want to believe they are in complete control of their choices. Of course not all advertising is bad, but we are going to look at the problematic point of view, and ways to avoid wasting money on things you don’t need. Adds reference things we think we desire, and make us buy things that we don’t need which is resulting in debt for many people. The main problem is that ads are for the rich, not just a regular everyday person. Unfortunately the rich don’t make up a majority of our population so, many people are buying things they can’t really afford. Many advertisement are misinterpreted, “These advertisements aren't for the average person with a small amount of spending cash, but rather they're for the rich.” (Dachis, 2011)The problem is everyone wants the lifestyle of the rich like we see on the television and in movies. However, we must sometimes look at things realistically. The key is to not forget to think, and to not allow ourselves to get brainwashed into buying things that we don’t need. Advertisements directly aimed at young children should be

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