Advertising Medi An Important Aspect

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When it comes to advertising, the advertising media is an important aspect. Advertising media “are the various means by which the message is communicated to the target market” (Perrault, Cannon, McCarthy, 2013). There are several aspects that an advertiser must consider when choosing the best advertising medium to use, which can change depending on the situation. One way that advertisers can ensure effectiveness in terms of their advertising media is to make sure that they give careful consideration of their promotion objectives, the target markets that they want to reach, the available funds for advertising, and finally the nature of the media (Perrault, Cannon, McCarthy, 2013). The nature of the media includes “whom they want to reach, with what frequency, with what impact, and at what cost” (Perrault, Cannon, McCarthy, 2013). For each of the types of media, however, there are advantages as well as disadvantages.
Fitting the advertising medium with the promotion objectives is crucial, and all advertisers should make sure that the two are aligned properly. If the advertiser is aiming to inform their audience and has the need to relay a story with pictures, then they may want to use the internet because it can allow them to go into detail. On the other hand, if an advertiser would like to persuade, they may want to use television in order to reach a wider market and show their product being used and how it can benefit their audience. Finally if the objective of the
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