Advertising Objectives

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Kayla K Redmond December 2, 2014 Advertising Management Prof Dena Hale Advertising Objectives Communication goals A goal of communication is informing target audience and/or consumers about the company’s product features. One communication goal is that the target audience will see the brand and product in the first month of the product launch. The target audience will see this through social media and email blasts sent from the brands’ (Orange) sister companies. Advertising exposure will also be another communication goal because there will be a vast amount of individuals that will immediately be exposed to the ads that will be on the social media sites since the target audience are a part of the generation…show more content…
Orange uPad will use social media as the primary communication medium because the target audience is more likely to be on social media and see an advertisement or read a blog about the product for reviews. There will also be advertisements on television and there will be radio spots that will attract the attention of the target audience. Print media will be in magazines and newspapers that have an already established target audience who are similar to that of Orange’s uPad. Here is an example of a 30 second television spot: 1 Scene Transition Script Fade up from black The commercial will open with the friends sitting on the sofa watching television for 4 seconds 2 Dissolve The black video will last for 1 second Run time sub-total: 5seconds 3 Fade from black The opening scene will be a group of friends sitting on the sofa watching television; looking extremely bored Vocal music playing: low television static. The scene will last for 10 seconds. About 2 seconds into the scene, a text graphic will appear over the commercial saying: “BORED ” The graphic will last about 8 seconds When graphic appears, a voiceover will also occur saying: “BORED? YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE” Run time sub-total: 15 seconds 4 Zoom to television 10-second scene of a Orange uPad commercial showing on the television Music changes to the most popular song at the moment. Voiceover: “COME OUT TO ORANGE’S AND GET YOUR LATEST SMARTPHONE AND TABLET COLLABO!” “YOU DON’T WANT TO BE THE
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