Advertising Of Advertising On Children

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Advertisements surround the daily lives of all people: children, adults, males, females, everyone is in some way affected by advertisements. Advertising is defined as a call to the public’s attention to a business, usually for the purpose of selling products and services, through the use of various forms of media, such as print or broadcast notices by Entrepreneur.
Advertising is also a “line of communication” with customers to a company’s product. When advertising a new product, companies need to think carefully about how they should promote and show their product to attract their intended audience. This strategy is very important when advertising towards children. Companies have to plan accordingly and stay on top of trends in order to gain the attention and interest of the children that they are aiming their products at. Advertisements aimed towards children are virtually everywhere in the world. Advertising directed towards children is becoming increasingly problematic in our society. There are many different types of advertising that are adding to this problem, like television, newspapers, and magazines, social media, etc, but how companies are getting these advertisements to work, is the main source of this issue.
Television and movies are two of the leading types of advertising that not only pertains to children as an audience but adults as well. Advertising through movies and television take place through “local programs, network, cable, satellite, public…
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