Advertising Of Armour 's New Briefs Essay

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“We’ve got the best racks.”, “Even a woman could open it”, and “Fool around with a younger hotter airline.” Are just some of the shocking ads we are noticing in today’s society.
The first advertisement I found was the “For the Benefit of Mankind”, Under Armour Ad. At first glance we see a very masculine male, with a chiseled body modeling his Under Armour briefs. But, if we take a closer look into the background we see a young, and beautiful woman loosely wrapped in a sexy gown. The setting of the advertisement looks like an expensive bachelor pad. The purpose of this picture is to advertise Under Armour’s new briefs, by making them look appealing to the directed audience. Along with the briefs, women stereotypes are also being advertised. Although the woman isn’t meant to be the main focus of the ad, she is added to show if a man wears these boxers, they can get with a beautiful woman. In the text below the picture the product’s features are being flaunted, but in the picture the only thing being flaunted is the masculinity of the man in the picture. One gender stereotype that is portrayed in this picture is that woman are physically weak. The man in the photo is very muscular and enlarged in the photo. The thin female model is posed in a delicate position in the background of the picture. This shows that she is less important, and just added to highlight the male model’s masculinity. A woman perceived as sexually active might be labeled as a slut while a
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