Advertising Of The Marlboro Brand

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Tobacco agriculture could decrease costs scored a 4 for each strategy. This is considered to be most acceptable since the potential for lower costs could directly impact the cost of production, making tobacco products more affordable to lower income consumers under both plans. Once the consumers can afford the products by purchasing at a lower price, they become attracted or addicted, and are likely to continuing purchasing the product. New markets that lack awareness of major brands scored a 2 for expansion of Marlboro through next generation technology and a 3 for expansion into India. PMI has been successful marketing the perceived value of quality to consumers making this factor possibly acceptable as expanding the Marlboro brand through next generation technology could be “the next big thing.” The cigarette market is so large it is often more challenging for new innovative ideas to break through barriers. Expanding into India should be more receptive to advertising of the Marlboro brand. Through perception and brand loyalty, Marlboro has the potential to capture a new market share expanding their sales growth in this market. Legislation of marijuana scored a 3 for the expansion of the Marlboro brand through technology and brand migration due to the innovative concepts revolving around the use of marijuana in today’s society. The topic is still being debated. This factor rates probably acceptable due to the ability to expand into regulated markets. Expansion into India

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