Advertising Of The Same Media

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Comparisons between advertisements of the same media take a specific skill, eye, and intellect to make these comparisons and contrasts. Comparisons can include the imagery, copy, and the campaign, these are up to debate for the viewer, to one an advertisement can be provocative, but to another the advertisement can simply be a form of bandwagon. Calvin Klein and Versace have two internet advertisements that I believe them to both be provocative in their own special ways, but share a form of bandwagon. Calvin Klein has an advertisement that features same-sex couples and opposite-sex couples; they show texts from them that reveal sexual innuendos and positions. Versace has an advertisement that displays Lady Gaga in a lavender dress in a very glamorous position on a similar color couch and background. The campaign of an advertisement helps direct their product or cause to a certain group or audience. There are many form campaigns; I will be focusing a lot on provocative and bandwagon. Contrasts between the two advertisements are the Versace with Lady Gaga what you would think of as a provocative or controversial advertisement is actually debatable, the advertisement would focus more on a bandwagon like campaign, the brand Versace is a very high end brand for wealthy people and celebrities, so having a very well know artist and fashion icon modeling the brand in a glamorous pose, which to some is provocative, but others see it inviting especially the LGBT (lesbian, gay,
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