Advertising On Facebook : Three Surefire Strategies Essay

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Advertising on Facebook: Three Surefire Strategies to Promote Your Company Facebook is a place for fun and entertainment, a place that serves as the word of mouth of people and many leading brands, businesses and organizations, where there is information sharing and traffic content is targeted based on the interests of users; a paradise for SMEs that want to advertise their products and services. You just need to know how you can use this platform to harness the most out of it! If you are accustomed to thinking of Facebook as a pastime and uses your bulletin board to post pictures of your vacation, be prepared to give a new life to your page. With over 1.44 billion users worldwide, 156.6 million in the United States alone, and an average time per visit of 39 minutes, Facebook is a gold mine for all those entrepreneurs who see us along and are looking for an effective way to find new customers and increase revenue. Why? Because the king of social networks allows you to get close to your customers like no other form of communication is able to do. For example: 1. It helps to keep the relationship alive with existing customers, reminding them that you are there (loyalty); 2. It allows you to listen to your customers and give them what they really are looking for; 3. It gives you the opportunity to interact directly “humanizing” your brand, to regain a dissatisfied customer and engage your supporters; 4. It allows you to get in touch with thousands of potential

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