Advertising On Not Be Drinking And Driving

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Advertising on not to be drinking and driving is very common and you see it almost every place you’re at. You might be sitting on the couch eating a snack while watching your favorite show and a commercial comes on that says “Drive sober or get pulled over”, meanwhile a cop is putting a man behind bars for driving while intoxicated. As you’re driving down the highway on your way to work, you see a bulletin board with the same phrase, “Drive sober or get pulled over.” It is a constant reminder that you’re given and the consequences are severe.

High schools around the nation created something called “Shattered dreams”. It involves a play with voluntary students from the school who drink and drive only to get in a fictional car accident.The ambulance, police, helicopter and even a hearse come to the scene and the kids are later on pronounced dead. Funerals are held in the school auditorium the next day for those that pass away in the car accident. Everything seems very realistic and close friends speak at the ceremony. It is a very emotional week at school, but it brings awareness to young adults to be responsible with alcohol. So why isn’t awareness of texting and driving being brought to teen students?

A study from Harvard, Center of Risk Analysis also estimated that cell phone use during drives contributes to the 6 percent of crashes, which equates to 636,000 crashes, 330,000 injuries, 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 deaths each year. In another study, Frank Drews,…

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