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Advertising is seen everywhere. Even when you don't realize it, companies are advertising and you don't notice it. However, there are many times when you aren't even paying attention that the companies are putting their advertisements into your mind. One example of this that was very commonly known back in the 1980's was the movie theatre's subliminal advertisements within the movies that they played. What the movie theatre and movie companies would do would be to flash split second images of popcorn or soda during the beginning of the movie. This would prompt people watching the movie to develop a craving for these different items, which coincidentally were also served at the snack bar at the theatre. Some other types of
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These particular companies have paid millions of dollars to have their product shown within the movie. One example of this was the movie "Back to the Future II". There was a part in this movie where it showed a futuristic Texaco gas station when Marty McFly went into the future. This particular advertisement cost the Texaco Company approximately nine million dollars to be placed into the movie. One thing that has to be taken into consideration is the expected popularity of the movie. This movie was expected to be very popular so this particular advertisement was outrageously expensive. This type of advertisement is seen in almost every movie. Newspapers are and always have been a popular way for companies to advertise. It is impossible to find a newspaper that does not carry some type of advertisement within the pages. There is usually a section of most newspapers reserved just for advertisements. If you would really like to see a good example of this pick up a paper like the "Boston Globe" or the "New York Times" on a Sunday. These papers have page upon page of just advertisements. Everything from cars to local stores even personal advertisements are placed in these papers. Although these advertisements may be somewhat expensive for most people, for major companies papers are relatively cheap to advertise within. Billboards are a great way to get your advertisement seen. There are so many people that commute into city's like Boston,
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