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     School, family and church all have an effect on teenagers, but nothing will ever measure up to the effect that advertising has on our nation’s youth. The advertisements target our youth by way of radio, television and newspaper. Advertisers use special tactics to persuade youth to buy their products.
     With the ever growing world of mass media becoming more accessible to children, we must realize the effect advertising has on the youth of today. Multiple television sets are commonplace in today’s homes. “Today, at least one television set is in 98.2% of American households.” (Television Bureau of Advertising, 2001) Television viewing is no longer a family activity. “Fifty-six
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Many hip-hop and hits radio stations have a large group of youths listening everyday. So advertisers make ads to appeal to a certain age group or gender.
     Print advertisements have many positive aspects as well as television and radio. Billboards are seen by many people on the roads everyday. Billboards are effective because they reach a lot of people with huge ads. Billboards also are designed to appeal to the eye with bright colors to attract the driver to read the product being advertised. Newspaper ads are also effective because they reach many people and they are the least expensive way of mass advertising.
     Advertisers use certain techniques to lure the customer to either buy the product or read the rest of the advertisement. One way advertisers try to appeal to many people by making their ads appealing to an array of age groups. They do this by making an “adult” ad contain many subliminal messages to appeal to youth. Advertisers also try to narrow down their age group of consumers to save money and increase effectiveness. Advertisers use certain colors and pictures to help catch the eye of the consumer easily. For example restaurants will use many yellows in their ads because it sends a message of hunger to the consumer.
     Gender advertising is very important in youth because they are very
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