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Advertising can be done in several ways, these are

Broadcast advertising

Broadcaster advertising is were a company produces a television advert which is broadcast usually in a 30 second slot in the middle of different television programmes tour operators for example. Advertisement is the generalised name for all media or promotional types of broadcasting to a particular target market.

Brochures and leaflets.

Travel companies use many different leaflets and promotional devises to portray their message to the general public. Therefore it is vitally important to portray the correct image. Brochures use colourful images to get their message across and informal style
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This means that if a programme, which encourages large numbers of views, can therefore pass this cost on to the companies which want to advertise on the particular time slot. The major television networks can advertise a companies product or service except the BBC. Holiday promotions usually take place after Christmas, this is because people can be influenced to purchase a summer sun holiday because of the cold climate in which Britain usually has during the winter months. In addition television advertisement can be very expensive this is because the travel company has to pay for the advert to be made which entails employing actors, directors to film studios. Plus on top of that the promotion of the whole advert can run in to large amounts therefore television advertisement is a very expensive means of advertisement. Some media advertisement can be applied to different parts of the countries regions which can be for a specific area, and there is national advertisement which broadcasts its message to the whole nation which is watching that particular television station.


Printing is a form of media advertisement, which takes place on paper. Consequently this can be applied to many different media forms, which publish written articles on a regular basis. This is
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