Advertising : Portraying And Stereotypes Of Women In Advertising

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The so called housewife draws her bath settles in and thinks of the many duties that she has to do for the day, she calls her husband and tells him about her wonderful bath and the amazing soap she is using just like everyone else would. This is a 1950s dove ad, an ad that sexualizes and characterizes the women as something she is not and creates a stereotype of a stay home mom and skinny women who have nothing better to do. The appearance of people in ads has changed a lot over time, in the 1950's women were degraded and sexualized throughout advertisements to be skinny. Whereas now some companies are fighting to change this vicious cycle. Although many companies still portray the same perspective as they did in the 1950's, there is now hope. Dove has been around since 1957 and has been producing ads for their different products since then. This image is of a somewhat young, skinny women enjoying her time in the bathtub, she is a lathering the soap on herself and talking to what appears may be her husband on the phone. On the phone with her lover she states, “ Darling, I'm having the most extraordinary experience.” Though this ad is supposed to describe the soap it almost sexualize the women in the tub. The women is slightly spreading her legs and put into a very sexualized stance.
Another way that this women is characterized is that in the 1950s women were seen to be housewives that sit at home all day, bathe, clean, and cook. This ad capitalizes that in that back in the 1950s this was the modern women. The women would get bored and call their husbands at work which shows that the men had the dominance in the relationship. The image also shows her in no clothing just a cloth of bubbles which cover everything, but once again advertisers are using the woman's body as a selling point.
Another weird thing about this ad compared to a more modern ad is the fact that there are so many word, at the bottom there is a couple of paragraphs describing the product and what it does even though it is indeed just soap. They also show another image of the box for the soap to maybe grab attention for people to go to the store and say oh I saw this in an ad. The image seems like enough to grab the reader's attention but
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