Advertising Questions

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Question 1 Advertising networks have become controversial because of the power that these channels wield. Included in this approach are some techniques that are ethically dubious. Hard psychological manipulation appears to have become a common trait amongst many within marketing. This problem could be overcome by instilling discipline and purpose into advertising that transcends the ideas of profit and focus more on values and principles. Question 2 Some web site features have made online purchasing easier and more practical. The advent of secure financial processing has helped pushed this marketplace into the forefront of commercial activity. When a web site has a simple and practical layout, it allows the consumer to enjoy the process and is more likely to make purchases. Featuring easy to understand layouts, with safe and secure billing systems will most likely result in a more profitable e-business. Question 3 It is often difficult in an online environment to provide services because of a lack of a substantial vetting process. Services, unlike goods, are more abstract and require a more subjective and hands-on approach to when judging for value. Schneider (2010) explained that " electronic payments of tax refunds, public retirement and welfare support cost less to issue and arrive securely and quickly when transmitted over the internet, " (p.18), so it is possible to perform services successfully online. Retail issues create different problems for e-commerce
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