Advertising Regulation Of The Advertising

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CONTENTS OF THE REPORT: • Introduction • Why advertising needs to be regulated? • Benefits for businesses by following advertisement regulations • Unfavorable circumstances for businesses by not following advertisement regulations • Types of false advertisements • Advertising to businesses • Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act • Advertising and Marketing Law • REGULATIONS THAT AFFECT ADVERTISING • Advertising Standards Regulation in Australia • International advertising regulation • How would you define the ethics in advertising? • Conclusion ADVERTISING REGULATION INTRODUCTION Advertisement regulations are laws which govern the ways in which the product or service must be advertised. Laws can be defined in a…show more content…
Advertisement has provide dynamic growth, innovation to businesses also it has encourage competition in many market furthermore consumers has now more choices depends on their tastes. “It stimulates growth and innovation, encourage competition and increase consumer choice. This is to make consumers aware of product innovation and to let them know about their range of products available to, the nature and quality of rapid and effective means” (S.Ravi,2010).All of these has been done to increase or capture the existing market share. It can be said that advertisement is an important factor for growing the business. To gain advantage from ad it must appreciate the trust of their clients and for this to be done it needs regulation because gone customer will be gone for a long time. Furthermore if there is any misleading advertisement then this will also discourage competition in the market and this will badly impact on the name of business and the customer will not buy the product or render the service again. Although, it has built the economy, build the businesses but it has also created the bad impact in many aspects like if Tobacco and alcohol sold without the regulations then every person will be motivated to purchase. This extensively implies brokers will need to act as it were that empowers the normal purchaser to make free and educated buying choices. They will put a stop to forceful offering systems furthermore, deceiving and misdirecting individuals
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