Advertising Roller Coaster By Coca Cola Essay

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Advertising is ever changing, as people and products are always transforming. Coca-cola has been living the advertising roller coaster since 1886. Their message has changed from the beginnings of being a solution for the weary and tired to a message of creating a unity for people. The direction of the advertisements have changed considerably through the years. Although this may be the case if one looks at two specific advertisements, one from 1886 and another from 2016, the differences and similarities are striking. One can break down these similarities and differences into three distinct categories being the models in the ad, the Coca-Cola logo/ slogan, and the audiences the advertisements are directed towards. Advertisements are basically pictures that give the viewer a distinct feeling and idea of what the product will bring them. The people creating these advertisements takes many things into consideration in the picture aspect such as the color theme if that is possible, placement of the models, what the models are wearing, and the background if there is any. However, each advertisments main focus is slightly different. For instance, the advertisement from 1886 is focused more on the overall picture, whereas the advertisement from 2016 is focused on the models and the feelings they are expressing. Though this may be the case, the advertisement from 1886 does display three models. It displays a shopkeeper, an older gentleman, and a boy as a paperboy. Based off of

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